Le Catre is, above all, a family home

Brandy welcoming visitorsThe family is made up of myself, Bridget, and my children Ester (20) (who is at university in England) and Remo (19). I moved here from Scotland with my partner in 1984 and my children were born here. When we came here the farm was derelict and had been abandoned for 20 years, there were horses living downstairs! Since then we have worked hard to get the farm back into production and have had literally hundreds of people visiting and helping us - friends, family and also WWOOFers. I enjoy gardening (but don't have enough time to do it!) and I am pretty passionate about trees, sustainable agriculture and trying to save our poor beautiful planet.

We have chickens, four cats and our two friendly dogs love to play 'fetch' with kids and be taken for walks! The house is surrounded by an olive grove and woodland; there is a fruit orchard, chicken run and a vegetable garden.

We have a reed-bed system for recycling waste water and have rainwater tanks for irrigating the vegetable garden. Water conservation is very important here and we request you to conserve water as much as possible whilst staying with us, and use natural soaps. We have photovoltaic solar panels.

Free-range hens for eggs